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The HUWISU online courses cover a variety of academic disciplines. The quality content as well as versatile tasks create a unique and successful learning experience from home. 

Below you find the complete course list and more information about the features of HUWISU Online. 

HUWISU is part of Humboldt International Campus (HIC). Check out our new website for further information about the HUWISU program and other short-term opportunities.


What is special about HUWISU's online courses?  
HUWISU’s virtual courses offer a unique learning experience wherever you are in the world! 
The lecturers incorporate their versatile expertise and real world experience into the course material and work with manifold teaching methods. Additionally, HUWISU’s thriving international community translates to your online courses as well. With virtual cultural and social activities, cultivating a community is prioritized as an important aspect of digital learning.
What teaching methods with professors employ? 
HUWISU’s distinguished lecturers utilize many methods of teaching: individual learning, live discussions, collaborative group work, and engaging readings/videos.
Over the weeks your courses will cover a variety of topics and themes. You will be sure to get multiple perspectives and an interdisciplinary experience at HUWISU.
During the bulk of the course and at the end, short assignments will be required to apply concepts found in readings or lectures.
What technical requirements must each student meet? 
  • Fully functional device (laptop, tablet, or PC)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Software: Zoom (video/audio)
  • Registration at Moodle (e-learning platform of Humboldt-Universität)
  • Recommended hardware: external headset for better sound quality.
How are the courses structured?
All courses include virtual classroom lessons with the lecturer and the fellow students, group exercises, assignments. and self-study. During your free time you can also learn more about German culture and history from HUWISU eBook 'Perspectives on Berlin'. 
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ONLINE COURSE: Introduction to International Economic Law
fully booked
Jan. 3, 2022 - Jan. 21, 2022
Subject Course English
Bachelor 5 ECTS 700.00 Euro
Law & Economics
Jan. 3, 2022 - Jan. 21, 2022
  • ONLINE COURSE: Introduction to International Economic Law [Subject Course][Bachelor] fully booked
  • Note: Some courses can be combined with each other - see course page for more details.